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My Fine Collections

Updating a tradition

Mai, Rena and Candy – best of friends

What happens when two graduates of fashion design get together? Well, a fashion business, of course! Well, not just any fashion business – but one whose owners have a flair for picking fabrics with beautiful and unique patterns – and making them even better!

Gold dust hand-painted fabric gives traditional Batik designs an “updated” look

A modern and sophisticated look



Mai and Rena began their friendship when they were students in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.  After graduating, they went into designing, and just two years later, they were running their own production workshop – designing, manufacturing and supplying their own clothes as well as manufacturing house brands for other boutiques and fashion retailers.

Both ladies were drawn to designs and fabrics which were unique to the Peranakan culture. So, in 2001, Mai and Rena began designing and producing Batik clothes by tapping into the rich Batik culture in the region – Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam as well as Singapore.

Their vision was to bring together a fine collection of apparel with designs that are unique to regional Batik cultures and to generate greater awareness and appreciation of Batik. To achieve this, both Mai and Rena thought of an idea to “modernize” the traditional “Prada” (meaning, “gold cloth” in Bahasa Indonesian) Batik, which originates from Indonesia.

With their creative input and their understanding of dyeing, the borders of flora imprints on Prada cloth were hand-painted with gold dust. This technique, which were undertaken by Indonesian craftsmen, immediately brings out the character and attractiveness of this traditional cloth and gives it a sophisticated and “updated” look.

All that glitter is gold



Mai and Rena used their creation to make dresses for special occasions such as weddings, traditional ceremonies, important official gatherings as well as for informal occasions. This became a hit with those who appreciated Batik.

Both Mai and Rena operated a shop in Centrepoint until 2009 when escalating rental drove them to Holland Village.

Their clientele are those who appreciate fabric designs, particularly Batik designs, and they include locals, tourists and expatriates.

My Fine Collections also carries a range of non-Batik clothes from the region – with emphasis on fabric design and embroidery.

My Fine Collections also customizes their dresses to suit different sizes.

My Fine Collections
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