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Shop directory for businesses located along Jalan Merah Saga and Chip Bee Gardens in Holland Village.
Blk 43, 01-80Lemon ZestCulinary lifestyle store6471 0566
Blk 43, 02-80PilatesBodyPilotPost-rehabilitation & corrective pilates6478 9747
Blk 43, 01-78The Daily ScoopSpecialty ice cream cafe6475 3128
Blk 43, 01-76Shermay’s Cooking SchoolCooking classes by "celebrity" chefs6479 8442
6479 8414
Blk 43, 02-74Diana Francis StudioFine art galleryN.A.
Blk 43, 01-74Da Paolo GastronomiaGourmet takeaway deli6475 1323
Blk 43,02-72Nancy Ho AcademyHypnotherapy Practice & Training6272 7118
Blk 43, 01-72TaksuContemporary art galleries and specialists6476 4788
Blk 43, 03-70Regional Hypnosis CentreHypnotherapist training School6272 7118
Blk 43, 01-70BunalunOrganic supplies6472 0870
Blk 43, 01-68Dolci Da PauloFine Italian Desserts6479 0336
Blk 43, 01-66The Sloane ClinicBeauty clinic6471 1108
Blk 43, 01-64La FromagerieWine cellar & cheese6732 6269
Blk 43, 03-62Sunjin GalleriesContemporary art galleries 6738 2317
Blk 43, 01-62Original Sin by Michelangelo’sMediterranean vegetarian restaurant6475 5605
Blk 44, 01-60Michelangelo'sItalian restaurant6475 9069
Blk 44, 01-58Mai ThaiAuthentic Thai restaurant6474 3108
6474 3100
Blk 44, 1-56 Baker & CookCafe serving fresh bread, cakes, pastries, tar tines, rolls, quiches, home made jam, cookies, etc.6472 0998
Blk 44, 01-54Bistro Petit SalutFrench bistro6474 9788
Blk 44, 01-46(Yakiniku) NagomiyaJapanese BBQ restaurant6285 0368
Blk 44, 01-50The ButcherMeat & condiment deli6472 0073
Blk 44, 01-48Phoon HuatSupplier of bakery, beverage and confectionery ingredients6471 5250
Blk 44, 01-46The Pizza BarPizza & sandwiches restaurant6476 6059
Blk 44, 01-42All Breeds Pets GalleryPets Shops & Pet Care , Aquariums & Aquarium Supplies6474 3039

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