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Welcome to the Holland-Village-Singapore Business Desk.

This desk is manned by Bullrun Consult (see We are the consulting company that owns and publishes the Holland-Village-Singapore web site.

We have had an overwhelming amount of business enquiries since we launched the Holland-Village-Singapore web site on Oct 2011. This is why we have decided to set up this desk.

This Holland-Village-Singapore Business Desk is created to help individual entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for opportunities to doing business in Holland Village. It is also created to assist businesses that are already in the Village and need business or marketing assistance.

(For Flea Market inquiries, please visit our Forum here.)

For Persons and Companies Seeking Opportunities In Holland Village

For a fee, we can provide you with an assessment of the market potential and revenue projection for your type of offering in the Village. If you are looking for investor or bank loan, we can also help you write the Business Plan or Business Proposal.

For corporations that are interested in hard figures, we can assist you in defining your target audience’s demography and attitudinal profile.  We also offer input on marketing strategy – helping you carved out a positioning that will remain relevant and sustainable in the long-term.

For both, we can assist in conceptualizing unique positioning to differentiate you from existing competition. Do visit to check us out.

For Existing Businesses In Holland Village

For our friends in the Village, we can help you project long-term potential and viability – if you haven’t done so. Many of you have asked me this, “The customer profile of the Village is changing. Should we continue to offer the same service and product in the Village?”

Well, if you are still asking this question, you know you need an answer. And you need an honest answer. There are plenty of marketing things to consider if you need to know how you should stay relevant to the current traffic in the Village. And we can help you identify these things and provide you with real answers.

We know the Village better than anyone else because we have been here for the past 15 years – wining, dining, entertaining, shopping, living here – and observing all that is going on – the failures and the successes.

And individually, we have been professional marketing consultants for a long time – with both global brands and leading local players – big and small alike. Do visit to check us out.

Do invite me over for a chat. I’ll be glad to help. You can reach me at the Holland-Village-Singapore Business Desk at:



Best Wishes,

Patrick Loh
Consultant & Publisher