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Shop directory for businesses located along Holland Avenue in Holland Village.
211Holland Road Shopping Centre(see its own directory)6468 5334
241/241ACrystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long BaoChinese noodle house6463 0968
241, 01-02FrolickYoghurt & smoothie6515 5343
6462 1188
243Wendy's Fast food burgers6465 5937
245Song & SongBargain clothing store6467 3471
245AIcon by Sunji MatsuoHair salon6762 6088
247MaybankBank & ATM1800 629 2265
249OCBCBank & ATM1800 438 3333
251Xin Wang HK CafeHokg Kong Street Food6469 0325
253Ramen PlayRamen Restaurant6463 7277
253, 02-01OneDoctorsFamily Clinic6469 8938
255StarbucksAmerican coffee shop6463 9320
257DBS BankBank & ATM1800 111 1111
259CitibankBank & ATM6225 5225
261Standard Chartered BankBank & ATM6747 7000
263HSBCBank & ATM1800 472 2669
265Khiam Teck Wine StoreLanterns, Decoratives & Party Supplies6466 3616
267/267AHatchedWestern Restaurant - specializes in eggs - boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, etc6463 0012
269ProvenceCafe & Bakery6467 6966
271The Body Shop Beauty products6465 1247
271ANext Hair SalonHair salon6467 3323
273PPP Laser ClinicSkin Laser Clinic6100 1234
273A (#02-01/02)d' Good CafeCafe6219 9807
275AmiciItalian restaurant6469 9989
275ASilver Cross Medical CentreMedical clinic6462 2818
277Fosters Steak HouseFosters Steak6466 8939
277AParty CityPartyware and costumes6462 6011

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